Answered By: Julie Laramie
Last Updated: Mar 03, 2022     Views: 96

In EBSCOhost and other library databases, you can save documents and searches to a folder. By saving the documents in a folder, you are able to: quickly access the document for later use; e-mail the documents; save the documents as a file; export documents.

Here is how you add a document to a folder in EBSCOhost:

  1. First, create/sign in to your My EBSCOhost account.
  2. Next, begin searching for information on your research topic
  3. Save items to your folder in a variety of ways:
    • Save one item- Click the folder icon Picture of a folder iconto the right of the item’s title. Only the item selected will be added to your folder. When the item is added, the folder icon will change to a folder item icon Picture of a folder item icon 
    • Save from the Detailed Record page- Click the Add to Folder icon on the Tools menu.

Yellow folder icon in EBSCOhost

Add to folder icon when reviewing an article in EBSCOhost

  • To view and organize your folder, sign in and click the Folder tab at the top of EBSCOhost’s tool bar.Folder tab in EBSCOhost toolbar       
  • Create a new folder under My Custom. Select the New Folder icon Picture of new folder icon.
  • Items you save can be organized. Mark the check box for any item you want to remove, move, or copy to another folder. If relocating an item, select the folder you wish to move or copy.

Picture of how to organize My Folder in EBSCOhost account

Note: In you folder you can also print articles, save articles as a file, and export articles.