Answered By: Mary Anne Erwin
Last Updated: Jan 07, 2020     Views: 28

Factiva is one of the few library databases that does not provide article nor title level links from the Journals & Magazine List. Here's how to search if the article you seek is available in Factiva:

  1. Search the Library's Journals & Magazines List for the title of the periodical in which your article was published.
  2. IF Factiva includes the publication year of the article you want, click the database title, Factiva, and log in if prompted.

(For steps 3 to 8, see the image below.)

  1. On the Factiva search form, expand the source field and type in the periodical name, e.g. New York Times
  2. Be sure to uncheck the box that reads 'Exclude Discontinued Sources'. 
  3. For the widest possible results, select the periodical title that includes 'All sources' to search both print and digital content for that title.
  4. In the 'Free Text Search' form, type in some distinctive words from the title of the article that you seek. **Note that different editions may have different article titles (and sometimes, dates) for the same or similar articles; You may have better luck searching by keywords that describe the content of the article and limiting with a date range. 
  5. Click search. 
  6. If your search retrieves too many results, click 'Modify search' button to return to the search form where you may add a date limit to your search.

Search of the Factiva database for the source, New York Times