Answered By: Mary Anne Erwin
Last Updated: Mar 28, 2019     Views: 100

Value Line launched their new digital format and interface in summer 2014.  All content is still available to currently-enrolled Webster University users. 

 To access Value Line:

1.  Begin at the Library webpage:

2.  Click on the "Articles & Databases" blue button 

3.  Select Value Line from the pull down menu

4.  Login (if prompted)

Within Value Line:Value Line quote search & PDF link

5.  In a Quote search box, type the company name or ticker symbol.       

6.  If Value Line auto-completes your entry, select the company you seek. Click the <Quote> button if needed. (You may have to re-type the search in the Quote box.)

7.  When the digital report is loaded,  click  the “PDF Reports” link near the top right of the window.  (You may have to close the pop-up banner.) Or, scroll down to the bottom of the digital report to see the list of Value Line PDF Reports for the current year.

Help from Value Line

Value Line has created several helpful tutorials that are available from within the database and via their YouTube channel: The videos cover the new digital report format, navigation and using the stock screener and creating charts.