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The first step in the process is to find a database that includes the full-text of the periodical in which your article was published. The Journals & Magazines A-Z list provides access to the full-text of articles from thousands of periodicals. In this example we'll search for the following article that was published in the Harvard Business Review, but these directions apply to any periodical or journal.

Let's find the full-text for this article

Drucker, P. F. (1992). The new society of organizations. Harvard Business Review, 70(5), 95-105.

1. Begin at the Library's homepage, at  From the homepage, click the button labeled Journals & Magazines A-Z. 

2. In the Title Contains search box, enter the periodical name. In this example, we've typed Harvard Business Review. Click "Search". 

Search for Harvard Business Review in the Journals and Magazines A-Z list

3. The results show the databases and the dates for which full-text is available. Business Source Complete has the full-text of the Harvard Business Review from 1922 to the present, so select that database.

Note: You may be prompted to log in with your Webster University credentials

Search results showing where Harvard Business Review is full text, including Business Source Complete

4. The database opens the publication record page for Harvard Business Review. You may either:

  • browse to the year, issue and article you need or 
  • click the link to "Search within this publication" to search for words from the article title or on a topic. 

We've added arrows pointing out the list of years for browsing and the Search within this publication link. 

 5. To search for the article cited above:

  • Note that the database inserts the periodical name in the top box. 
  • Type Drucker's name in the second search box. To the right of that, change the menu to AU Author. 
  • In the third box, type some keywords or phrases. In our example, we've added the phrase new society of organizations. We can change the index menu to TI Title, though this is not always necessary.

Our search in Business Source Complete might look like the following screenshot.

A search within Harvard Business Review for drucker in the author field and new society of organizations in the article title.


What if the article you need is not available from the library?

If a search of the Journals & Magazines List does not find the periodical you need, or if the article you want is not available, we may be able to get a copy from another library if you can wait 2-3 business days. You may find additional information about requesting an article via InterLibrary Loan (ILL) linked below.

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